Weighted Multi-label Learning with Rank Preservation
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中文关键词: 多标记学习  标记间关系  权重  
英文关键词: multi-label learning  correlation between labels  weight  rank
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      多标记学习是机器学习研究领域的热点问题之一. 经典算法仅考虑了标记间的单一关系(序或权重),这使得在部分场景中多标记学习无法应用. 为解决该问题,一种具有保序性的带权多标记学习算法MLWR(Weighted Multi-label Learning with Rank Preservation)被提出. 通过在学习过程中引入“相关-无关”、“相关-相关”两种标记对来度量标记间的序和相对权重,MLWR对基于SVM的多标记学习算法进行了扩展和优化. 实验基于真实数据集,对比RankSVM算法,实验结果表明MLWR可充分挖掘标记间的相关性,有效提高分类模型的质量.
      Multi-label learning is one of the central topic in the field of machine learning. The classical algorithms barely consider the relation of rank or weight between labels simultaneously, which makes the algorithms unable to be applied in some scenarios. To solve this problem, a new algorithm named weighted multi-label learning with rank preservation (abbrev. MLWR) is proposed. MLWR extends and optimizes the SVM-based multi-label learning algorithm by introducing two kinds of label pairs, which is called “related-unrelated” and “related-related” label pairs, to measure the rank and weight between labels. The experiment shows that MLWR can improve the quality of the classification model effectively.
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